Livebericht In Flames (mit DevilDriver und Trivium)

Ein Livebericht von metalmaiden aus Worcester (Palladium) - 18.02.2006 (22346 mal gelesen)
By MetalMaiden & Galahad

The temperature may be considered balmy for mid-winter in Gothenburg but over here it was down right frigid! It was going to take a really hot line up to get us to venture out. Especially to The Palladium, in our experience one of the coldest venues around (even Finland"s Sonata Arctica commented last month on how F-ing cold it was on stage.) Well, it WAS a hot ticket and a completely sold out show: ZAO, DEVIL DRIVER, TRIVIUM, and IN FLAMES. In fact every stop on this tour was sold out.

After shivering in the cold waiting for the obligatory pat-down we made our way into the venue which was filled to over flowing. There was not an inch of room in the downstairs open floor area. Masses huddle together for warmth clad in only band T-shirts & jeans. The people were absolutely packed in, so we headed upstairs to the balcony area to find a seat.

DEVIL DRIVER was already into their set. On first listening to "The Fury of Our Maker's Hand", their June 2005 release on RoadRunner, we had been awed by the mad fury of John Boecklin"s drumming. It was even more amazing watching him do perfect headbanging 360s and never missed a beat. Dez Fanfare kept the crowd pumped and encouraged a massive circle pit although not much encouragement was need. The crowd for the most part was young, energetic and looking to get the most out of their Saturday night.

TRIVIUM took the stage next and worked it like pros. They have so much energy, continuously moving all over the stage. They feed off the crowd and the crowd off them. This is TRIVIUM"s year. After Ozzfest and a very successful CD release "Ascendency", March 2005 on RoadRunner, these guys have been touring heavily and have been met with rave reviews and full houses everywhere. Their tour of Europe was a huge success and their fan base is growing by leaps and bounds on all continents. This young band has emerged from the masses of Metalcore and presently reigns supreme. They have the potential and the talent to stay on top and be a leading force.

A highlight of the performance was a remembrance and tribute to 'Dimebag' Darrell. Matt Heafy, who has honed his skills as front man, commanded the audience to pay tribute. Saying, 'You may love us or you may hate us but you WILL pay tribute to 'Dimebag'. A fired up crowd yelled and cheered.

The sound at this venue didn't do justice to the intricacies of this band's music but the raw energy and live experience was enough to satisfy.


The End of Everything
Like Light to the Flies
Drown and Torn Asunder
Domination/Walk (tribute)
The Deceived / A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation
Pull Harder

IN FLAMES came on to lasers and fog in their characteristic shorts and uniform work shirt anti-fashion attire. But it"s not about the lights or the clothes for this band; it"s about the music. And that"s just what the crowd wanted, the music. Anyone not already standing jumped to their feet. The crowd went wild, cheering and throwing metal horns in the air. They were paying tribute to the living. These guys are legend to the thongs of young fans in the audience. Anders Fridén commented after the first song that it was good to be 'home'. That this, his 9th time at this venue, really felt like home. He was appreciative of the receptions the band received here and all over this country. The release this month of "Come Clarity" on Ferret Records has well received here in the US coming in 2nd on the Billboard independent chart and 58 on the top 200 chart. Very impressive.

They went deep into their 10+ years playing a mix of songs drawing from every CD.

Anders talked with the crowd between songs asking who knew this song or who had that album. At one point he asked who knew the words to 'Bullet Ride' then brought an audience member on stage and handed him the mike and let him do the song. As it turned out the kid was great! Knew the words, had a decent voice, strutted the stage like a pro interacting with the band members and playing to the audience. It was great.

Again, this venue's sound does not showcase the melodic qualities of many of IN FLAMES songs very well but it was still amazing to see them live and with such a large following of loyal and appreciative fans.

Not wanting to leave the warm glow of the music and the body heat of the crowd, but it was time to brave the frigid cold and make the long ride home carrying with us the memories to keep us warm.


Pinball Map
Behind Space
Crawl Through Knives
Take This Life
Cloud Connected
Bullet Ride (sung by audience member)
Episode 666
Only For The Weak
The Quiet Place
A Touch of Red
My Sweet Shadow
(set list and order has varied greatly at each venue)
Location Details
Palladium in Worcester (Massachusetts USA)
Adresse:261 Main St
Worcester, MA


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