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My name is Carl and my working name at is Eisenbrecher. Before I start with the questions, I have to give you great compliments for Epsilon! I had it in review and I totally loved it. For Sophia I have an additionally compliment. I fell in love with her vioce ;). Since Mozaiq I had an eye on Blood Stain Child and I've to say it was a very good decision to get her on board, which leads me directly to my first question:

So far away from Japan it's hard to get much information about you guys, so: Why did Sadew leave and where did you find Sophia?

Sophia: I actually found them. I was working as a J-music/culture event organizer and Band Promoter/Manager, before I decided to promote myself *laughs*

RYO: SADEW felt a little uncomfortable with the stuff that we were playing. We’re still friends though and we talk through the phone a lot. We both made the best choices I think. Sophia was organizing event and she was working as a manager and promoter, so we knew her as that. When we listened to her demo, we felt that she matched the sound of BSC.

G.S.R.: SADEW embarked on a journey. I knew Sophia from the time that she invited us to Greece for a concert [note: that BSC E.U. tour was canceled due to Swedish Japan Expo’s cancellation]

And to go a little further into your past: You first named your Band "Vision Quest", why did you change that name?

RYO: We changed our sound from Speed metal to Death metal, so we thought we’d choose a more brutal name *laughs*

G.S.R.: It’s before I joined the band, so I don’t know.

As I mentioned before informations about you are quite rare over here and although your music is awesome, not many know about you. Would you tell us something about Blood Stain Child? Where are you from? What are your Idols?

Sophia: We’re going to change that! You can actually watch my blog and my Twitter. I write everything in English. I also have a Facebook and I created a BSC Facebookaccount. All news are posted in English, so you won’t miss a thing ;)
I’m from Thessaloniki, Greece and I don’t really have idols. Just a couple of people I respect. Most of them are dead too.

RYO: I want more distribution for our CD’s. I really desire that. Because the German market is big and Germany has produced many great musicians.
I admire too many people! For example HELLOWEEN got me into metal and I always bought lots of Nuclear Blast import goods.

G.S.R.: We’re all from Osaka. The people we admire are different. Personally I like T.M. Revolution.

I'm hearing your music right now on shuffle recognized for the first time that in the song 'Void' on Idolator it says "eins, zwei, drei, vier". Did I hear right? I wasn't able to find the lyrics, so what’s the song about and why choose you to count to four in German in it?

Sophia: They thought that German sounded cool at the time. The guys like German metal a lot too. The song is about disappointment and bitter realizations, something along those lines.

Enough of the past, let's talk about the present! You're touring through Japan right now. How is the tour going?

Sophia: Our Japanese tour will take place in August-September. Individual concerts until now had a really warm response from the crowd, I was surprised!

RYO: Tour is going very well until now. It’s hard, but it’s rewarding and makes me feel good. When I stand on stage, all my stress disappears.

G.S.R.: Soon we start with the Japanese tour. I’m really looking forward to meeting all Japanese fans!

Enough of the present, let's talk about the future! Of course everybody here, who knows about (I do my best to maximize that group of people ;) ) you thirsts for a live gig! Anything planned so far?

Sophia: I’m working on it! We really wanna come to Europe in 2011!

RYO: Of course we wanna come to Europe. Fans, please wait!

G.S.R.: No plans that I know of, but I wanna play in Germany and many other countries and meet the fans there!

And now a question, or more a demand, to support me in my quest to advertise you: To somebody who does not know you, explain what your songs are about.

Sophia: The songs in εpsilon talk about the foul nature of humans and my disappointment about it, internal battles, the thirst for knowledge and enlightenment ,the paranormal, X-files and the state of bitter realization, combined with a restless, fighting spirit.

RYO: The loud scene of Japan is really underground still. If more open air festivals are organized, the scenery might change in the future.

G.S.R.: BSC’s members changed, so the band changed greatly. Using Sophia’s good points and GAMI’s good points, we managed to evolve. What’s missing from other music genres, exists in the music of BSC.

We all have heard about Japan and it's metalscene, many European Bands going to Japan while touring or even do Japan only tours, but what does Japan look like for the regular metalhead walking on the streets?

Sophia: TOO PINK AND SPARKLY! *laughs*

At the end I want to thank you for your time and answers and can just say that I hold you and your music in highest regards.

Sophia: Thank you very much! Keep up the good work!

RYO: Thank you very much! See you。HELL YEAH~~!!!

G.S.R.: Thank you very much! Please keep supporting us from now on!


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