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Some time after the third release this interview took place via eMail.

The third FALCONER album had been eagerly awaited and then the fans were given songs with a storyline and different characters - what moved you to make a concept album?

Stefan: I´ve had this thought before, but maybe just like 3,4 songs that were connected in some way. Then I remembered that this story would fit to be a concept album. I read the Macbeth storyline to try and get into the old English language but realised that it was going to be too much work and that it wouldn't be fun to do it then so I kept it in ordinary English. I can't say I'm a fan of other concept albums, most of them tend to be too strange musically. Just too much bullshit for me to remain my interest, so I wanted to keep the music as normal as possible. It was quite fun to do this but I won't do it again since I had to concentrate more on the lyrics instead of the music.

Could you give an overview of the guest appearances on "Sceptre..."?

Stefan: Kristoffer does most parts on the album, but the third brother in the story “Valdemar” is sung by Mathias. The Ryd sisters do some additional singing for the witch's character “Ravenhair”. Niklas from Wolf takes on a verse in the title track not as a character but just as narrative singing. All the guests also appear in the choirs. For most keyboard parts we used Johannes of Zonata.

May it be that you get more progressive influences into your music? (The title track is tending to be complex already, nice play with melodies and texts)

Stefan: Those kind of songs are the most fun to play. It takes more of the listener, it's not really something easily digested, I'd like to have more songs in the future in that way. Ordinary verse/chorus songs can be good too but are not as challenging to play and fade away faster for me anyway. A complex song grows with time as you remember and learn all corners of it.

What were the reactions after the change of your singer like?

Stefan: Varying. Some prefer Kristoffer and some prefer Mathias. Understandably we can't satisfy everyone. I didn't think we were, we didn't before either. We now have the chance to get more fans than before since we can show ourselves on stage and get our music out to the masses in a broader way than before. I feel we are more flexible in the music now with Kristoffer since he can adapt his voice in more ways, making the music vary and being more interesting.

How do you deal with the sometimes harsh criticism towards your new vocalist?

Stefan: I do tend to get quite irritated by some fans that won't listen to us after the change, well then I guess the music wasn't really attractive for them and then why would I care bout them. I'm the songwriter after all. Personally I listen to the melodies, I know many albums which have good vocalists but with non-saying music I don't care about it, then it's better to have less qualitative musicians and singers but with interesting music. That's a big problem for me with the Power metal scene, too many bands just concentrating on being wizards but unable to make good music.

What do you feel when fans write things like they want you to play at their funeral (or - more happy - at their wedding)?

Stefan: I find it hard to believe that someone find a band being that important part of their lives. Of course I'm honoured to hear these kind of things but meanwhile I'm shaking my head.

Your new album "The Screptre Of Deception" is out in the stores for some time now. Are there plans already for a follow up after about another year or so?

Stefan: Allways. I'm always writing new stuff. It's too early to say how the next one will sound, but I can say this much, it will be different. For the first time I listen to what kind of music fans like the most. We will also record some bonus material, too, that will be real treat for some people. You'll see what it is.

For the female vocals you had two lovely - I can say this, because I saw a pic you gave to us - girls in the studio. Will you bring them along on tour? I'd bet they wouldn't be lonely, hahaha!

Stefan: No, we will not do that. They don't really have that important parts on the album or on the songs we'll play that it would be worth it. It's just barely we can bring ourselves on the tour.

Touring was probably the main cause for the split with Mathias (former vocalist). In the beginning you didn't want to tour at all. What changed your mind so much and are you happy about the decision now?

Stefan: We are very happy with the situation as it is now. In the beginning I only had live memories from the past, knowing that it wasn't worth the trouble to play live. When we finally played Wacken and other summer festivals we got so much good response and the fans knew the songs that we got payed back. We got more than just a car ride for hours when we played. After that we really got a taste for the live situation.

What can the fans expect on your tour kicking off soon? Are you excited about going on a headliner tour through Europe?

Stefan: We are very anxious to go on our first tour. It's really about time this happens. The fans can expect all favourite songs, old and new. Headlining is of course an honour, although I feel that a support tour would be better for Falconer. We can't afford to miss this opportunity, too, so we're up for it as much as we can. It's really a chance to learn and experience a lot of things. Now with Kristoffer as the front man I feel that we're a so much better live band.

Thanks for your time once more and see you on tour!

Stefan: Well thank you very much. Hope to see you all on tour in January.


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