Interview mit Savvas Betinis von Kinetic

Ein Interview von TexJoachim vom 08.09.2003 (10016 mal gelesen)
I took the chance to ask Savvas Betinis about Kinetic's first mini CD.

  For all those that are not deeply familiar with the Greek metal underground, could you please shed a little light on the former bands you played in? I've heard of Acid Death, but Brain Fade and Wisdom are unknown to me.

Savvas Betinis:   Well, I know that most of the fans aren`t familiar with our scene, and it`s physical Greece is a small country with no good promotion for the bands. The KINETIC members are coming from other older bands. ACID DEATH was my band, as bassist-vocalist, for 12 years. WISDOM and BRAIN FADE were Power Metal bands. WISDOM had a full-length CD some years ago on a Greek label which doesn`t exist anymore. BRAIN FADE had just some demos and promos, they didn`t have the chance to have a full-length release. My previous band, ACID DEATH, was one of the few Progressive Death Metal bands in Greece, having four official releases. All these bands have been stopped some years ago. We were good friends all these years, we like the idea to have a band together, so we formed KINETIC.

  You mention that your lyrics touch the horrible side of life. Horrible in which way? More like King Diamond with his "ghost stories" or more like Cannibal Corpse's butchery? Could you explain some of the lyrics for me, as they aren't included with the CD?

Savvas Betinis:   With our lyrics we try to touch real and phantastic life-things, which are coming from it`s horrible side. Not exactly like the way that King Diamond or Cannibal Corpse do it. We just try to give a special message making a story for something. "Never Ending Winter" tells about an old man who just left the civilization when he established that nothing will be better than worse. Also we give enough mention on real things. "Holy Instinct" for example talks about the way that Christians destroy the Human Spirit from the Middle Age till now.

  I know that this question might sound funny, but have you presented your songs on stage? I really hope to see you live sometime in the future. Are there any chances of seeing you on a German tour or festival?

Savvas Betinis:   As we`re a new band, we exist about one year, we haven`t made enough live-shows. This will change on this new season. We`ve just made local live-show here in Athens. As about a live concert in Germany or anywhere out of Greece, I thing it`s too early for us. Our first task is to find a label, something very important for a band. If you made live-shows and no one can find your recording you make nothing.

  I have no idea how long my editor waited to send your CD to me, but I have to ask anyway: how are the general reactions to "Kinetic"? Did any label contact you by now?

Savvas Betinis:   We haven`t any offer from any label till now. But it`s temperament. We`re a new band and we have to run for our first things such as contact with zines or radio-stations. A label wants to see that the band is active and wants to work before a contract comes. So, first we are getting in touch with the zines and radio stations and after that with labels. I hope things will work well. The most important thing is that we can record our songs in our own recording studio without having to pay for the recordings. This is a good point just because all the labels hesitate to give a big budget on a new band for it`s first release. So we have solved a big problem having the chance to make a very good production with no cost. Our self-released mini CD is recorded in our studio and most of the fans till now had a very good word to say for it`s production.

  And now the final question: you mention that you have more than three songs finished. When are we going to here more from you?

Savvas Betinis:   These three songs included in the CD are a part of our entire work. We`ve finished about 10 songs in one year, not a bad credit I think if you can imagine that the band isn`t our first occupation, and we hope these songs to constitute our first full-length CD. Everyone will hear more from our work when we find a label that will accept us.

  Thank you for the interview and all the best for the future!


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