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Well, 'Genesis' was a kick ass album. I always wanted to talk - even if this means by mail - to the mastermind of the Greek blacksters Rotting Christ. We didn't have the chance to talk to him immediately after the release of 'Genesis' but at least we are able to talk to him about the new DVD that is out from the band. Of course questions about 'Genesis' and the past of the band are there. Better late than ever as they say in my home country...

Hi Saki. Really honored and strange to talk to you through an e-mail and on the English language. Apart from that, I need to congratulate you for the 'Genesis' album which is probably the best Rotting Christ album. I wanted to talk to you as soon as I did the review but unfortunately you have left for tour. Anyway, now that some months have passed, how do you feel about 'Genesis'? Did this album live up to the expectations you might had prior to the release of it, financial expectations, artistic or even recognition from the fans and new people?

Sakis: Hi my friend too. Now that we are back from our tour worldwide I am able to answer to your questions so I will start up agreeing with your opinion about GENESIS that might be our best outcome so far. It is a really ROTTING CHRIST sound based in zero?s musical needs. We had a very positive feedback from the people we have been called all over the world to play in front of local metal heads and I can say that we are satisfied. Now concerning financial expectations I do not really want to be referred cause we never were satisfied with that and we still aren?t. Anyway it is something that has not been mixed with the true Metal feelings.

I will come back to 'Genesis', but first I want to ask you about the DVD that has been released called 'In Domine Satanas'. The first thing that really impressed me was the place that it was recorded. If I am not mistaken, the show in Poland has been shot. What made you choose this particular country and you didn't choose for example Greece?

Sakis: We had an offer from a Polish label to a great TV. A professional station with many cameras and as we hadn't receive any similar offer from a Greek label we went ahead for that. That's all about.

So what do we have to expect from this DVD? Where you the responsible for its content and if not what would you change in it?

Sakis: Even if the response of the people is a bit cold (due to the place and the unlimited cut offs) the rest of the stuff I can say that is professional with a great photography and many extras. I think that it worth's to check it out.

What impresses me is that you decided to have a DVD out. After 7 releases and a lot of EPs and singles, the band could have released a live album to accompany the release of the DVD. However, even after all these years, we don't have a live album out, yet. Why that is and are there any plans for that?

Sakis: Victims of technology? Victims of the nowadays needs? I do not really know. Anyway the sure thing is that if the DVD was not existed we would have released that on a live album.

Back to 'Genesis' now. It seemed to me that the band has taken more 'experimental' roads. What I mean is that there are more than ever straightforward melodies and even more 'classic' metal influences. Do you agree and if you do please tell me did this happen accidentally or it was something you had in mind?

Sakis: Nothing happened accidentally to ROTTING CHRIST?.Everything we release is a product of hard work and unlimited hours thinking and philosophy. So in my opinion that is a step up for the band, an album that express ROTTING CHRIST into zeros. Yes more experimental but without chatties simultaneously. Straight forward strange melodies straight to your head.

On 'Release Me' I sensed that the band also tries to experiment on the other side of things. A strange chord progression with some clean vocals, but with of course keeping the unique Rotting Christ sound. Do you feel the same way and if, please tell me if this is something that Rotting Christ will try to reproduce more on the following years?

Sakis: Yes I do agree with your opinion about song RELEASE ME and as I am currently working on new stuff I cam say that the new sound will be even more experimental and could be described with only one word... CURSED. Keep an eye open for the next year.

There have also been talks about a side-project you are working on. Did you finally had the time to put some energy on it? (I have read on some other interview that you don.t really have the time). Can you give us a few notes on where it will stand musically and if you are thinking of having special guests on it?

Sakis: Unfortunately I couldn't find time to express some musical interests that I can not do with my main band. On the other hand I did release an album with THOU ART LORD and as I am doing almost everything on the band I can not find some spare time to do this side project... but really wish for the future.

Are there any plans for gigs for the promotions of 'In Domine Satanas'? And please tell me, how was the tour for 'Genesis'? Do you still enjoy the album-tour process of that the band follows?

Sakis: We have played in many territories this year in order to 'push' GENESIS and the result I can say that was remarkable. No we are not tired from that album-tours cause that is the best way to promote your stuff and to meet people that like your music. We always feel great to do that and we will keep on doing as well as YOU ask for it. Check our official site for updates.

I have read some times that you are thinking of splitting Rotting Christ and leave the music scene? This really takes me as a surprise since many people, especially in Greece, envy what Rotting Christ have become and moreover because Rotting Christ are really respected outside the borders of Greece. Can you please tell me if that is true or if you just talking about the distant future?

Sakis: Yes some times I am covered from the unsecure temple of repeating myself and I do not really want to suck our fans. But at the end I am always mistaken cause the reviews are great and the majority of the people think that we have done a step up when an album is out... so fortunately and unfortunately for some others I keep on doing that.

A really nasty question. How do you see things in Greece? As it is for me, I am disgusted on every aspect on the music business, and not only to be honest. The thing that really pisses me off is that for example, Rotting Christ are maybe the most active international band from Greece, however Greeks don't appreciate it that much, meaning I haven't seen some kind of recognition from people that tend to cry out about people representing our country outside its borders. And this goes outside the heavy metal scene in Greece. Has this affected you in some way?

Sakis: I won't really agree with you as the last years we do receive great support from the Greeks and a proof could be the people we pull to our shows in our home land. Of course there are always and there always be people that might envy you because of personal reason but my friend if I had ever take them seriously now I would falled into depression and that is something that I do not want right now.

Do you feel the heavy metal in Greece, as in local scene always, is a lost opportunity for new people with new bands? The fact that you guys always record outside Greece means a lot about the sound producers in Greece. Whole more, bands like Septic Flesh and Nightfall seems to have taken a nap the last few years, while the three of you were making quite an impact. Do you thing that Greece has the potential of reversing the bouzouki-situation and produce bands like Rotting Christ, and not only on the black metal scene but also on power or on any sub-genre of heavy metal? I have to tell you that 5 months that I started writing for Bleeding, I got to the conclusion that the greek promotion and record labels are not interested in promoting local bands outside the borders since by contacting with almost all of them no one decided to start sending me some promos, which made me really sad.

Sakis: Metal music in my opinion is not for the conservative masses so if Greece will ever escape from its conservative roots maybe we can view a better musical day... something that is not viewing in the horizon. But we will keep on being ?rebels? or no???????? [Editorial Note: Of Course Saki. You are absolutely right on that.]

How come we haven't seen any folk elements on Rotting Christ music? Even if we have this 'bouzoukomania' going on, I could say that there are a lot of good aspects in our greek folk music that could be used by a metal band.

Sakis: Definitely and might influenced me in the future. Yes I never said that Greece is a hell... It is just a musical business hell.

I don't want to tire you anymore in front of the screen. Please add whatever I forgot to ask you (believe me I had many more-I wish I will buy this telephone for these interviews) here. Take care Saki.



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