Interview mit Jukka Pelkonen von Omnium Gatherum

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Omnium Gatherum are one of the Scenes most special and unique Bands. It is impossible to really categorize them, they are Melodic Death Metal and they are not. Their work inspires, but by what is it inspired? Let's see, what Jukka Pelkonen has to say for himself!

  1. Omnium Gatherum has in a way to be categorized as 'Melodic Death Metal'. The problem is, that people, who hear of Melodic Death Metal, immediately think of names like 'In Flames' or 'Children of Bodom'. But these bands cannot be compared to you the slightest bit. So please help a desperate fan: how do you guys categorize your style in order not to be mistaken for 'another boring Melodeathband'?

Jukka Pelkonen:   -Well, OG is a band of a lot variety. The main thing is to keep the material interesting for ourselves as well for the listeners. We want to keep the material fresh but not to invent the whole metal-scene again, so the music of OG is a tasteful combination of traditional quality metal and fresh originality.

  2. Your second album 'Years in Waste' was brought to us by Nuclear Blast, the new one, 'Stuck here on snakes way' was released via Candlelight. Why the change?

Jukka Pelkonen:   -I guess they didn't like us at Nuclear Blast or the sales weren't so good, I don't know. There are multiple reasons. After we separated from Nuclear Blast there was going on a lot of changes in the band, a new singer came along beeing one of the biggest of these changes. We made a demo with him, got few great deal offers and found a home at Candlelight.

  3. I would like to hear some comments on your three Albums 'Spirits and August Light', 'Years in Waste' and the new 'Stuck here on snakes way'. Where do you see developement, change or comparables? Which do you guys think was the most important for you and why? Not in regards of commerce but in regards of personal developement associated with it?

Jukka Pelkonen:   - “Spirits and august light”” beeing the first was of course very important for the band. It has a lot of melody in it and that may be its strenght. “Years in waste” on the other hand has more of a progressive touch to it, it is not so easy to aproach compared to “Spirits”. Of course it has those qualities which makes it distinguishable as OG. “Stuck here on snakes way is the most straight forward album. It has the melodic part in it and the progressive also but most of all it ROCKS! All the three albums have the similarity concerning the distinctive melodies but they all are at the same time packages on their own.

  4. The Melodies and Songstyle of Omnium Gatherum is absolutely unique in the whole Metal scene. Where do you get inspiration, how do you work out/compose your songs? Especially the Melodies are sometimes, well, manytimes heartclenching. How and when do they come to mind? Is there some particular inspiration in daily life or is it based on hard work only?

Jukka Pelkonen:   -Guitarists compose the songs usually at their homes ready and then the whole crew arranges the stuff in rehearsal room. All members like music in very large scale and different styles, so that gives the fruitful variety to songs. Inspiration is the weird power of the nature, you never know where it comes and where it goes.

  5. Unfortunately the Copy I got from 'Stuck here' did not include lyrics. Want to share some info about your lyrics and what they deal with? Often when reading Songtitels I have to admit that I immediately drift off dreaming, so... what do you guys want to inspire your fans to?

Jukka Pelkonen:   -The lyrics are about the choices in our existence. The Snake represents the lure of temptation to act only our own best interest in mind. The Way is the neverending mystery which unravels itself bit by bit after every choice we make. And unfotunately so many people are stuck...

  6. While I am sitting here writing down these questions I am listening to your work. I'd appreciate some short comments or anecdote for every Song on the new album.

Jukka Pelkonen:   - The Snake and the Way: when the silence attacks, Into sea: Be Brave, Dysnomia: don't always rely on reason, A-part of God: mystery..., Undertaker: careful not to fall, Bastard-0: things differ from time to time, The third flame: science is not always progress, Just signs: hard to see around the corner, The Truth: this speaks for itself, Drudgery: never give up, In Sane World: sanity and insanity are illusions, Spiritual: the hidden part of the ?verse.

  7. Who would you name your most important influence in regards to bands/groups/music-artists?

Jukka Pelkonen:   - Music in general is the influence. There is no reason to name different bands.

  8. Regarding the big and resourceful finish underground do you have any tips in regards of bands both agressive and melodic?

Jukka Pelkonen:   - Hanging Garden, Causemos, Elenium and Manitou for example.

  9. That's it for now. Anything you would like to add or say?

Jukka Pelkonen:   - Keep it metal and stay tunes for OG!


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