Interview mit Marc Storace and Joe Floyd von Warrior

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Sometimes legends return (during some periods even a lot of them maybe). Marc as latest addition to the band and Joe as founding member where so kind to answer my questions [and sometimes you can almost feel that people don't like interviews... - annotation by the author].

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away a band called WARRIOR released an album entitled "Fighting For The Earth". Did you take notice of this release at that time already?

Marc: I heard that Fighting For The Earth was a great record for sure.

What do you think was and maybe still is so special about that debut that it provoked such great reactions in the scene?

Marc: It`s just one of those things like the first Metal Church album, very special.

WARRIOR are kind of a legend, so how does it feel to play with them now?

Marc: Legends belong together!

I see... Does your job on the microphone of WARRIOR affect your work with KROKUS? What's up with KROKUS at the moment anyway?

Marc: Not at all ........ Krokus just pushed off into the Festival Season and we`re writing new songs in between.

If you did this interview, what would you like to ask yourself or Joe Floyd?

Marc: When are you guys gonna eat lobster again?

Thanks for your time and patience!

Marc: My pleasure.

To Joe Floyd now: Was it really because of your label trying to push you to a sound similar to DEF LEPPARD that you broke up after only one album (which was pretty successful still)?

Joe: There were several factors for the break-up and looking back i am reluctant to point the finger of blame at anyone in particular. Internal band conflict, bad business decisions, etc, etc.

What were the reasons to come back, but disappear again some years ago?

Joe: Fate and a recording contract brought me and Perry (Warrior's original singer) back together to do an album. Roy Z was an important´catalyst without whom it wouldn't have happened. The label went bankrupt about a year later. I continued to produce albums for other artists. Then an opportunity came to make a new Warrior cd for Reality Entertainment, which is our current label. The music business can be a soul destroyer and I feel very fortunate to be making music with some great people. Reality Entertainment is a fantastic company to be with.

What do you think made "Fighting..." so special back then?

Joe: Warrior is not a political or preachy band but "Fighting for the Earth" was an appeal to the human race to use it's higher spiritual energy to rescue itself from the low consciousness political leaders who are taking us over the cliff. I think people who identified with the lyric felt instinctively that civilization is out of balance and our so-called leaders don't have a clue. The message is still relevant today, even more than in the 80's. Warrior endured some criticism for being too ambitious but songs write themselves and I'll take no credit or blame for it.

How does it feel to be back in business again? What does WARRIOR mean to you personally?

Joe: Warrior is a creative place that i can't imagine being without. When rock is in your blood it is like the vital force of life itself. I first picked up the guitar because I was hearing music in my head and I needed to play! I guess that sounds insane but it's true. I've got a kickass band -great guys. I've got to thank the fans right now for giving me the extra inspiration to keep it alive.

To come to your new album, what are "The Wars Of Gods And Men"?

Joe: Throughout history tribes/nations have warred with each other because of false divisions emanating from fear based mythology. It's the same today with the added factor of more efficient modes of killing where one determined person can do great harm. If humans can evolve and allow the higherYOUR QUESTION HERE!? self to overcome the reactionary mind embedded in our DNA the destructive cycles will end. It is the desire of certain control structures to perpetuate these myths, at great cost in human suffering.

Where does your inspiration come from and what topics do you like to deal with in your music?

Joe: I have interest in a variety of topics, mostly dealing with the mysteries of life and the "big" questions. I collaborate with my producing partner Warren Croyle, and on this album of course with Mark Storace. I've always loved his voice and it was great to discover that we had many common interests outside of our love to rock. I'll say again the best songs seem to write themselves when you're not really trying. Maybe it's from a place in the mind or maybe it's unseen consciousness 'out there' but I try to stay out of the way, be pure in heart and let the inspiration come.

Have you already planned the future of WARRIOR during the next years to come? I hope you will not submerge again after this release and some promotion? ;-)

Joe: We plan to keep making new albums through this life and on to the next. I asked my guitar and she said there's a lot more riffs and songs waiting to come out!

Any live activities planned to bring the songs of two decades back on stage?

Joe: We are working on plans to bring the music live to the fans.

Thanks for answering my questions and for delivering another fine WARRIOR album. As usual the last words belong to you.

Joe: I'd like to thank the fans for the support. It's not possible to do it without you. Thank-you for buying the cd- If you love music please buy it. Downloading really hurts the artists, especially the ones who aren't huge! And please, have some fucking fun! Rock out motherfuckers!!


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