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Alle Specials
Bücher: Nirvana und Metallica Storybooks - Metallica (HappyTarabas, 2004-02-22)
Anfang des Jahres sind im Rockbuch Verlag zwei Bücher erschienen, die die Hintergründe der Songs und Alben zweier großer Bands beleuchten. (zum Artikel)
Kataklysm: More than a decade of darkness - Kataklysm (Souleraser, 2004-01-09)
2004-03-08 will be the day when the new KATAKLYSM-album "Serenity in Fire" will be released. So the time is right to look back on the KATAKLYSM-history. (zum Artikel)
Diamonds Prt.2 (gargantouas, 2003-08-24)
This is the second part of the special intending to present you some albums that have been lost through time, while never gained the recognition they deserved. (zum Artikel)
Rage - Soundchaser Pre-Listening - Rage (Odin, 2003-08-23)
At Wacken Open Air 2003 we had the chance to attend a pre-listening session with Rage and their upcoming album "Soundchaser" (zum Artikel)
Gallery: Lordi, Onkel Tom, Amon Amarth, Mob Rules live - Onkel Tom (Odin, 2003-07-09)
Some of you may remember this year's Wacken Open Air Roadshow... (zum Artikel)
Iron Maiden: The Years Of The Beast - Iron Maiden (gargantouas, 2003-05-29)
Waiting on the new release from the legendary band, I sit down under the sounds of their discography to write a complete review of their presence up to now. (zum Artikel)
Withering Surface Tour Report - Withering Surface (Odin, 2003-05-14)
Michael H. Andersen wrote into his diary... (zum Artikel)
Gallery: Wolf, Nocturnal Rites, Saxon live 17.01.2003 (Odin, 2003-05-12)
Osnabrück hailed Metal... (zum Artikel)

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