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A Visit to Baracuda - Destruction (evilshell, 2004-06-03)
When I moved from Zurich to Basel, Switzerland about a year ago, it dawned on me that the next town, just a couple of kilometers away, was Weil am Rhein, Germany. This small border town spawned the 80s German thrash legends DESTRUCTION. Then I found out that Schmier from DESTRUCTION had a restaurant nearby named Baracuda. I, of course, decided I had to go there. After all, DESTRUCTION was one of those legendary bands from that period of my youth when thrash was evolving and a German band was "so far away" to my American mind... (zum Artikel)
Infernal Vengeance Studio Diary - Infernal Vengeance (Souleraser, 2004-05-16)
Exclusively on INFERNAL VENGEANCE studio diary. Read about the record session for the first demo - written by Karl "Bastard" Beckman himself. (zum Artikel)
Live/Pics: Toxic Inc, Ancient Existence, Flowing Tears, After Forever - After Forever (Odin, 2004-05-10)
Es war Mittwoch der 28. April 2004, als für die Hannoveraner von TOXIC INC ein Traum war wurde. Aber sie waren nicht die Einzigen, denen das Sprachzentrum an diesem Abend den Dienst versagte beim Anblick von... naja... Seht selbst. (zum Artikel)
Lost Diamonds Prt. 3 (gargantouas, 2004-05-03)
When we started this series of specials, the intention was to make you familiar with releases that were maybe unknown to you or with ones that you have heard a lot of things about, but never took the decision to buy them for some strange reason. Either way, the previous two Lost Diamonds specials were quite good and from now on we shall try to make it a bit more regular. Well almost, as long as we have time left we will do so. With the help of the good friend Shadowmailer that has almost every underground metal release of the 80s, we will try to deepen our research and make you familiar with the lost releases that have a lot to say. I am sure that for some of these you will have to take out the Indiana Jones Equipment to get them. Enjoy the special then. 2 underground releases and 3 classic albums this time. (zum Artikel)
Thrash Metal Diamonds (gargantouas, 2004-04-22)
The idea to write this article came right after I woke up and I thought, what the hell? The only problem was that in the days of the big outbreak of thrash metal music (especially the BAY AREA scene) I was only around 6 or 7 years old. (zum Artikel)
In own words: Latest albums by CALVARIUM and DEATHCHAIN - Calvarium (Odin, 2004-04-09)
Two bands tell us their own thoughts about their latest albums song by song. (zum Artikel)
Song-Prelistening zum anstehenden FALLEN-YGGDRASIL-Album - Fallen Yggdrasil (Souleraser, 2004-03-24)
Der Tübinger Death-Metal-Nachwuchs FALLEN YGGDRASIL kämpft zur Zeit hart mit der Veröffentlichung des zweiten Full-Length-Albums "Building up a Ruin to come". Um die Vorfreude ein wenig anzuheizen, hat die Presse die Möglichkeit, in 3 der Songs vorab reinzuhören. (zum Artikel)
Gallery: Grave Digger, Symphorce and Wizard in Hannover - Grave Digger (Odin, 2004-03-06)
A great package plus a great audience equals a great night! (zum Artikel)

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