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'This Barren Skin'
Music: The Renaissance choral intro followed by the, in my opinion, rather accessible melodic theme and strong momentum of the main riff made this track a natural opener. The verse, kicking in with the acoustic guitar-break, allows in some ways for a mellow “introductory feel” to set off the album. What I like most about this tune is the bridge. It constitutes an overt old school doom-approach, but it also includes parts of a distinctive Renaissance tonal sequence plus Frode`s magnificent vocal lines which really capture the imagery of the lyrics.
Lyrics/concept: Yearning.

'From These Wounds'
Music: One of the heaviest songs on the record, no doubt. Still, it stands out as one of the most dynamic ones as well when looking at the contrast between the extremely intimate verse, the hard-hitting main theme and the solemnity of the chorus. The mosaic of dense vocal arrangements, layered guitars and synthesizers which expands progressively on that particular chorus I think displays one of the album`s most grandiose moments.
Lyrics/concept: Cynicism.

'The Architecture of Loss'
Music: Opens in a slow and lamenting manner which brings out a fairly long-winded melodic theme that modulates gradually toward the dismal simplicity of the verse. I have been told that elements of early Paradise Lost may be recognized during the pre-chorus on this track although it never occurred to me while writing it... I appreciate the association very much, though! The track is a reasonably dynamic piece in general, varying from overcast funeral doom to more up-tempo conventional metal to rich and harmonious passages.
Lyrics/concept: Despondency.

'Red Moon'
Music: The very first piece that was written for “From These Wounds”. I am tremendously satisfied with the way the instrumental and vocal elements blend together and form sections that I think contain some of the strongest harmonies on the record. Frode and I read each other really well on this one. The song also holds the bridge with the largest amount of attitude – Rammstein-esque vocals and all!
Lyrics/concept: Hypocrisy.

'Vagrant God'
Music: Clear-cut melancholic metal with substantial emphasis on melody and progression. I guess this song is the closest you get to a radio hit on the album. While “Red Moon” was the first track to be written, this one was the last.
Lyrics/concept: Conceit.

Music: This is the album`s epic doom-piece; lethargic, heavy, dark and ominous. It might resemble the newer material from My Dying Bride at certain points as it is mostly guitar-oriented in a similar way that MDB are nowadays (however, the synthesizers are of course still present, keeping the signature of “From These Wounds” intact). I wanted to try out a few things in the ending of the song in terms of dissonance which I think unmistakably reveal themselves – especially the dual guitar-leads that follow a Phrygian scale pattern in different keys, creating a particular harshness when combined with the tertiary tonal movement of the rhythm guitars.
Lyrics/concept: Captivity.

Music: Made specifically to work as the closure of the album (jewel case version). It is a bit unorthodox as major parts in the song are left without the usual presence of heavy guitars; an aspect that broadens the album`s overall dynamics and brings it to a slightly calm and introvert end. Surely, the tune has its dramatic content, but it is by far more subtle than the rest of the album tracks. My most favoured guitar solo can be heard on this one.
Lyrics/concept: Negligence.

'Breathing through You' – (digipak bonus track)
Music: A song composed by former guitarist Thomas Angell. I have always loved this tune and was really excited about recording it. Most of the work revolved around writing synth-arrangements and vocals/lyrics as the original version did not have any. Bits and pieces of the guitar parts were modified, though, and I eventually added a few extra sections to the song as well, like the piano passage.
Lyrics/concept: Betrayal.


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