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"Dancing With The Dead" in own words by Peter Tägtgren

Ein Artikel von Odin vom 12.01.2005 (8768 mal gelesen)
PAIN - CD "Dancing With The Dead"
Stockholm Records / UNIVERSAL Music
Release: 21.03.2005

1. Don't Count Me Out
Opening track of the album, and also one of the most aggressive pieces of music to come from Tägtgrens pen.
"When my heart stopped a while back, a lot of people told me to calm down and ease off with the work. I never wanted any of that. Fight Fire With Fire is more my way of doing things. This song is all about that."

2. Same Old Song
Majestic, atmospheric sounds mixed with Tägtgrens unmissable sense of melody. The first single off the album.
"It's all about the modern media-culture where artists get pushed around and shaped into a package, all ready to sell with a quick sell-by-date. Pop Idol, Popstars and the rest of the shows. The media is not moving in a healthy direction, and people get the complete wrong picture of what it means to be in a band, to work your way up and have any integrity in your career."

3. Nothing
Brutal opening riff meets soaring chorus.
"With the all the docu-soaps and media which is around these days, fame for it's own sake has become something people strive towards. It's become like 'I am famous, therefore I am'. The whole fame-culture is complete bullshit. For me, it's always been about creating music and doing my own thing. If I could, I'd never want to be recognised anywhere."

4. The Tables Have Turned
A grand piece of music showcasing Peter's incredible talent at producing and arranging. Starts big, grows bigger, then the chorus kicks in. Massive.
"This one's all about the feeling of a situation that turns around. How people with power get corrupted, and the feeling you'd get when the tables turn and you are the one in charge, and the people who used to be powerful now have to ask you for anything. Anyone special I'm thinking of? Not telling you."

5. Not Afraid To Die
One of the hookiest songs on the album with a fast paced driving beat and catchy piano to back it up.
"During the years I've experimented and dabbled in almost anything that's got me curious. Some things good, some things bad. This is basically about doing things that could be harmful to you, but you do it anyway... because you want to experience that feeling of being on the edge."

6. Dancing With The Dead
Title track of the album, and heavy riffing all over the place.
"Basically this deals with my heart failing on me and me being literally dead for a couple of minutes. A weird feeling, but I don't remember much from it."

7. Tear It Up
A weird mix of groove, ultra-heavy guitars and a driving drum-pack.
"This is really about me, and most people I know. We make loads of mistakes and call
them experience. Do we ever learn anything from our mistakes? Never."

8. Bye / Die
Second single off the album. A three minute punch in the face.
"This is about all those people out there who try to push you down. Look at this song as my extended long finger in their faces."

9. My Misery
Haunting, lingering track with some great vocals from Tägtgren.
"I've seen some manic-depressive people who, no matter what, never can see anything positive or good in what happens around them. Sometimes I find myself having difficulties in seeing good things around you, but you just have to get a grip of yourself and move on those days."

10. A Good Day To Die
With the opening track, one of the most vicious songs Peter's produced in a
long time.
"This is sort of a sister track to 'The Tables Have Turned', at least lyrically."

11. Stay Away
Industrial fierce guitars and chanting from Tägtgren.
"This is more or less about the type of women you see in the film Cruel Intentions... you know... rabbit boiling and all that..."

12. The Third Wave
Originally commissioned to Peter as lead theme for a swedish feature-film on the growing mafia in europe, the director chose a completely different song in the end.
"This is about the wave of organised crime that is flowing into europe right now. I got quite specific ideas from the director on what he wanted and formed the lyrics around it. He chose some fucking ballad instead, but I'm quite proud of the song."


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12.01.2005 "Dancing With The Dead" in own words by Peter Tägtgren (von Odin)


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