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Rage - Soundchaser Pre-Listening

Ein Artikel von Odin vom 23.08.2003 (12663 mal gelesen)
At first I have to apologize it took so long until I put this one online. Sorry!

It's three weeks old already, but still interesting, what we learnt from listening to the intro and three songs of the upcoming Rage album "Soundchaser".

After the instrumental intro the first neck breaking title kicks off with a riff sharp as a knife, interrupted by hard breaks and crowned with a typical Rage chorus. "War Of Worlds" shows the known trademarks, while exalting the style of Rage to a new level.

The next track sounds like a sequel to the style adopted on "Unity", nothing so new to me during this first run.

Thereafter the title track "Soundchaser" is introduced, bearing a hot Smolski-riff again. The pace is a bit slower, perfect to sing along, and the refrain once more has one of the great tunes we love them for.

Lyrically there is some kind of concept behind this album. The story of the "soundchaser", which is the biomechanic figure known from the cover artwork of the latest Rage albums, is told in all length in the booklet shipping with the CD. Furthermore there will be a limited digipack - of course - with two bonus songs. Those will be taken from the also upcoming new solo album of Victor Smolski. He is working on some classic Bach-material for his second solo CD, which is being recorded and produced at the moment.

Next year, so we were told by the nice trio, we will be given the chance to put Rage on our DVD-player at home. Probably around September 2004 a double live CD and a 20th anniversary live/docu DVD will be released! The DVD will show us a concert to be recorded in Moscow this October and of course a lot of stuff from the old, new and yet to come tours and other old material collected by the band.

Besides, Peavy deprecated any comparisons with Dream Theater made because of the progressive elements on "Unity". Those will also be a lot fewer on "Soundchaser". Rage are not going to get more progressive and leave the power metal paths behind, no way. "Soundchaser" will probably show that Rage, more than ever, are strong and energetic into real heavy metal kicking some ass with major musicianship and the right feeling for the absorbing tunes we so dearly love.


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