War Of Worlds

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“Date: 19th of March, 2003.
Time: 23:30 CET.
Location: Earth.

Somewhere on this planet a man walks home from his work. It is late, around 23:30; it has been the end of a deadline, so he had to stay to work until late. He grabs something from the refrigerator to eat something quickly and turns on the TV. Oh, it is Champions League night. Nice. So there he is, on his seat watching soccer. But what is that? “Breaking News”? What happened? “Crisis on Iraq”? Images go in and out of his eyes. Journalists bombarding his head with upcoming news. “Bombing has started”. “It will be followed by soldier’s attack”. “No more than one week the operations will end”. “The security council didn’t give its permission for the war”. “EU cannot take a single decision about the war”.

Various thoughts come to his head. Wasn’t it a few months ago that we had a war again in Afghanistan? Isn’t there a war in Palestine? What are they up to again? So he continues watching the news. He starts thinking of the past. He takes himself back to 1991 on the Gulf War. Back then the USA government (and not the American people) started a war against Sadam Hussein. He remembers a documentary he has seen, where a tour guide explained what has happened there. Because any war has casualties.

He remembers a shelter that was bombarded by a NATO plane, and the images are too much to bear. The only thing that remained of the people hiding on that shelter were shadows written on the wall. The explosion was so destructive it blew up the people to the wall and burnt them alive in milliseconds. The tour- guide explains: “This is the mother with her child. As you can see on the shadow formed on the wall, she must have been holding her child in her womb while the explosion occurred”. He tries to concentrate and he sees it. On the wall there is a shadowlike image showing the mother holding her baby. More “shadows” follow and are showed by the tour guide.

He also remembers the pictures from a hospital. Newly born babies are monster like. Why? “The bombs that have been used in 1991 contained depleted uranium. Cancer is creeping all over Iraq since depleted uranium is a radio active element”. While that war of 1991 is long gone, the signs have started to show out 8 years later.

But not only Iraq was attacked. He now recalls sometime in 1998 a European country being attacked. It was Serbia. He remembers all the bombards that have been made and recalls the incident on a bridge. A caravan tries to walk away from Belgrade to avoid the bombs. While on a bridge, they listen to airplanes coming. Few moments later their parts are blown away by a “mistake”. He recalls a hospital being bombarded during an attack that has been more of a joke than a war act.

But this is not the end. He also remembers a time that a president bombarded Baghdad. The pictures of destroyed houses and the crying of women looking for their children under the ruins pass through his head. At that time this president had just gone out of a crisis with cheating on his wife. Many journalists claimed that this president did it to get his popularity back up again and not because there had been assassination plans for another president back on the 80’s.

He stares at the TV and suddenly he sees that time has passed. He needs to get up early tomorrow. He turns off the TV and goes to sleep. Another day waits for him.”

And to be honest this is what we all do everyday. We sit in front of our TV sets and watch the show that they have prepared for us. Of course if we lived in Baghdad, we wouldn’t be living like this. We would have other things to worry about. The more I think of that war that has just started, the more I take it as a farce. If something like this can be considered a farce. While the whole world stated its disagreement on this war, four people, without having any permission, decided to attack a small country to protect the innocent. I have heard them talking in the name of peace more often than someone, who would want to protect the peace, should have done. Let us not fool around ourselves. We all are responsible for this mess. We all are responsible for giving our votes to such people. I am thinking 'who is the real terrorist in this case?' A war must be 'legal' to make, and this war may be everything else but it is not legal. And I am asking myself. Where are the United Nations and the World Court to judge this people that do whatever they want? This war is not justified and every killing that will be made is a crime of war.

Just like all the killing of non-combatant people on the previous wars. Sadam Hussein may be a dictator. I can only laugh at this. What has happened to Greece in 1967, when dictatorship took the country on its hands? Where were those protectors of peace to protect Greek people from the dictatorship? Of course they were too busy in Vietnam protecting other people from dictatorships. Cyprus has been invaded but still the problem persists. In Greece and Cyprus there is no oil however. In Iraq there is plenty. And I continue asking myself. Who hired these people as protectors? Don’t they have more important things to do? Fight unemployment in their countries? Make their countries a better place to live in? Obviously, people there are happy with the current situation.

24 new technologies are going to be used in this war. Don’t fool yourselves. This war is a test for all these new technologies. If weapons are not consumed then the construction companies will be out of business. Who is really selling these weapons to Sadam Hussein? Has anyone of you wondered about this? Tony Blair refused to answer this question by only saying that Iraq constructs most of these weapons. As if Iraq had the money and the production capabilities to construct these weapons of mass destruction. It is a farce. It cannot be something else. Moreover, who is going to inspect the armory of USA, England, Spain and Portugal to see about their weapons? These countries don’t have mass destruction weapons?

Our hearts go to the US, England, Spain and Portugal soldiers that are probably fighting this minute instead of being with their loved ones. Our hearts go to the Iraqi people that will suffer from the madness of the few. Let us hope that this will somehow stop someday. Let us hope that the story of humanity destroying itself will not become true. Let us hope that this world will become a better place to live, someway, somewhere, sometime…

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