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Livebericht Kreator (mit Celtic Frost )

Ein Livebericht von gargantouas aus Athen (Gagarin 205) - 20.05.2007 (15353 mal gelesen)
Well that was an experience to say the least…having being dragged by a friend that was telling me that KREATOR are the best thrash metal band ever and that their lives are just a pleasure (a pleasure to kill perhaps?), I decided to pay the 32 Euros to check out one of the historic names of the European thrash metal scene. I mention the price for only one reason and please kind readers bear with me on this one.
The sound was terrible…just terrible…and this was neither the band’s fault nor their sound engineer. When all you Greek promoters ask us to pay 30 or more Euros to see a band live please find appropriate venues so that you justify the price of the ticket. The venue was just inappropriate for a band like KREATOR and the supporting acts as well. Of course I have seen SAXON a couple of days on the same club and they seemed to have a good sound. But for a thrash metal band where the riffs are just storming out with hyper speeds, they need to have clear sound. The guitar of the very sympathetic Sami Yli-Sirniö was just buried as well as the solos that Mile tried to play. Please kind promoters, the metalheads in Greece deserve a FAR better venue to see all these nice bands. Get serious….
Ok, I am sorry about this but it was necessary. Two supporting acts for KREATOR. The first being the local band SUICIDAL ANGELS. The band tries to reproduce a kind of speed death/thrash metal sound. I would very much like to review their songs or at least give you an idea of what the band plays but all I could hear were screams, drums and a noise that reminded distorted guitar…nothing else…from what I could hear though, all I can say is that I couldn’t really stand them. Just mindless riffs without any kind of melody in their music and just hyperspeed songs…not my cup of tea…next one please…but the sound really buried them, so I give them the benefit of the doubt.
I cannot say that I am fan of CELTIC FROST. Never liked them and I don’t think I will ever do. But…they sounded quite good. With the sound much better than the first supporting act (or co-headline), CELTIC FROST played their classic tracks from “Morbid Tales”, “To Megatherion” and “Into The Pandemonium”. They also focused on their last album “Monotheist” which I haven’t listened to but it really made an impact on me. Being a distorted version of CANDLEMASS and BLACK SABBATH, CELTIC FROST seem to do a nice job here. With the highlight of their appearance being the 15 minute ‘Synogoga Satana’, the band was quite solid and well rehearsed. If they only didn’t delay their appearance so much…and of course if only the sound was a bit better…
And after that…silence…and the first notes of ‘The Patriarch’ sounded making the people going crazy. When the first notes of ‘Violent Revolution’ hit us, we all were transcended to the KREATOR dimension. If they had a better sound I would definitely add them to one of my favorite gigs. But…anyway, the band focused on their two last albums “Enemy Of God” and “Violent Revolution” without forgetting of course the classics. I have to mention, it seems that Mile has a special bond with Greece and Athens. Let us not forget that KREATOR did shot their ‘Betrayer’ video in Athens.
Anyway almost every classic was there. After all their total 90 minute or so set couldn’t leave everyone satisfied. The bleeding moments of the concert was the opener ‘Violent Revolution’, ‘Pleasure To Kill’, ‘Enemy Of God’, ‘People Of The Lie’, ‘Europe After the Rain’, the amazing ‘Phobia’ (where the crowd once more covered the band…and of course the fantastic chorus riff was buried by the sound), ‘Betrayer’, ‘Reconquering The Throne’ and of course their encore ‘Flag Of Hate’ and ‘Tormentor’. Well, I almost mentioned their whole set list… anyway, I was struck by how well Mile Petrozza sung throughout the concert and with the musicality of the band. Real professionals. If only the sound was better.
And the gig ended with the band leaving me with the best memories and a mission to actually explore them much better than I had in the past. After all this is the meaning of a live gig. My friend was right. KREATOR are one of the best live bands out there. I hope next time I will see them in a much better venue with a much better sound. Don’t hesitate to see them live if they are near you, you will not regret it. If they only played ‘Endorama’ as well…

KREATOR Setlist:
Violent Revolution
Pleasure To Kill
Some Pain Will Last
Enemy Of God
People Of The Lie
Europe After The Rain
Suicide Terrorist
Awakening Of The Gods/Behind the Mirror
Voices Of The Dead
Reconquering The Throne
Impossible Brutality
Flag Of Hate
Location Details
Gagarin 205 in Athen (Greece)


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