Interview mit Tom Gattis von Ballistic

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Featuring a new unsigned band.

Nat:   Tom, what brought you into Metal music in the beginning at all?

Tom:   I first was listening to punk, like the Ramones, Pistols, Dead Boys. Then I got turned onto old Priest, Scorpions, etc. and I was hooked! I didn't listen to a lot of real old metal, because I liked the more fast, upbeat stuff.
It was natural for me though. My dad said that when I was a very little boy, the only songs I would listen to from his Beatle records were the harder ones like Revolution.

Nat:   What musical patterns or idols did you have? When you started off with Deuce, there had been almost no bands with such a heavy sound in the scene, I think?

Tom:   Oh, there were some bands. Riot had Narita, Yesterday And Today had Struck Down, Priest had a bunch of great albums as did the Scorpions. But I have to say that we started playing metal before we ever heard of the other bands. Marty loved Frank Marino, Mahogony Rush.

Nat:   Someone found you to look somewhat like Eric Adams (Manowar vocalist) on a picture in the booklet of Wardog's "A Sound Beating". Are there any musical or personal relationships? ;-)

Tom:   The only time I have seen Eric Adams was when they played in Baltimore about two years ago and I was back stage. I only remember he was about two feet shorter than me and much lighter build. But, wow, what a good singer! You know there were only about 15 people in the audience? America sucks for metal!

Nat:   So let's come to your current work. Is Ballistic the quintessence of your experiences with Deuce/Tension and Wardog?

Tom:   It's the only thing I have ever done that I liked.

Nat:   How the f... did you find those unbelieveable musicians to play with you?

Tom:   Well, Tim is from the Tension days, but the others I just found with an ad in the paper. You know, as good as Peter sounds on that CD, I have heard him about 10 times better. He is just amazing.

Nat:   What are your future plans with Ballistic?

Tom:   Hopefully to get signed and get back over to Europe. The fan response there frankly suprised me, and I had no idea they liked the music as much as they do. There was not one show where the fans didn't make me feel like I was the headliner. Just amazing!!

Nat:   Thanks for your time and patience and good luck for your future work. Hope to see a Ballistic CD in the stores soon!


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