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With their 12th regular CD ("Digital Warfare") SLAPSHOT shelled out a fine piece of hardcore again. Reason enough to ask their man at the bass, Chris Lauria, some questions.

With their 12th regular CD ("Digital Warfare") SLAPSHOT shelled out a fine piece of hardcore again. Reason enough to ask their man at the bass, Chris Lauria, some questions.

  Let me first thank you for the chance of this interview. As you might have noticed, I really liked your latest release. This came as a pleasent surprise to me, because I'm normally not much of a Hardcore fan.

Chris Lauria:   Thanks.

  So, I have only limited knowledge of the Hardcore scene. Could you please give our readers a small introduction to the history of SLAPSHOT?

Chris Lauria:   We were formed in 1985. Have had some line up changes through the years and have experimented with other styles of HC, but a few years ago reverted back to original HC style. It's what we do best.

  I don't know if you realised it, but "Digital Warfare" was promoted with the quote: "Hardcore ends today..." Do you think this is appropriate? Is there no future for Hardcore? Why was it chosen?

Chris Lauria:   That was a statement made by Springa of the HC band SSD. It holds true today. Hardcore is dead and its not coming back.

  What were the reactions to it?

Chris Lauria:   A lot of the "kids" in the scene didn't take that to well, but they just don't know what it was like back then. It's all metal and mosh parts now, most people don't have clue what we (Slapshot) are doing.

  I personally think "Digital Warfare" is as intense as SLAYER's "Reign In Blood". How do you see that?

Chris Lauria:   Thats the best compliment i've ever heard, I love that record.

  How did the European tour go? I sadly missed the concert in Bochum.

Chris Lauria:   It was very good. We had strong support with Blod for Blood and the Blue Bloods.

  Unfortunately, no lyrics were included with my CD. Could you shed some light on the songs? I'm especially interested in 'Kill Your Parents', because we had our share of amok running kids over here in Germany.

Chris Lauria:   That song is mostly a tale of revenge from the point of an abused kid. The reason for the absence of lyrics was to get people to our website, the lyrics are there. (

  Did you have time to start working on new songs already? If so, what can we expect?

Chris Lauria:   We are calling it quits this year. We will be coming to Europe in June for about 10 last shows and we will have a new EP with us, just for sale at the shows. And we will be making a DVD to be released next year for our 20th year.

  What are your musical influences?

Chris Lauria:   Mostly old HC and some 80's British New Wave, as well as metal.

  Now for the most personal questions: what were the last five CDs you bought and how did you like them?

Chris Lauria:   I can't remember the last CD I bought, I usually download songs at will.

  In Europe the music industry is introducing more and more copy protected CDs. Can you see the same happening in the states?

Chris Lauria:   I think it is happening with DVD's mostly.

  What is your position on copy protected CDs?

Chris Lauria:   I don't think it is right to copy a CD, unless you bought the original and use it yourself.

  How do you react to filesharers?

Chris Lauria:   It's OK. Record companies have been fucking bands and the record buying public for decades, it's payback time.

  Again, thanks for the interview and all the best for the future!

Chris Lauria:   Any time.


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