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REVIOLENCE came as a storm to blow everything up in my listening preferences. A wonderful band from Brazil will definitely try to reclaim a position on the world metal scene. “In Pieces EP” was just a taste I believe from what we are going to listen in the future from this band. Edson Graseffi took the time to answer some of my questions. Enjoy the interview.

  Hi Edson and thank you for taking the time to answer to some of my questions. I hope I won’t tire you today. So, first of all congratulations for your “In Pieces EP”, since it is a release that surely is something more than just interesting. Can you maybe write a small bio of the band (make it big if you like) for the people that don’t know REVIOLENCE? Can you also spend a few moments to tell us who PANZER was and what happened with that band?

Edson:   Well, I need tell one little Panzer history for you understand the Reviolence. I worked with Panzer, one Thrash band, for 10 long years, we recorded two albuns and some compilations, one video clip and many concerts for all country in all these years, this work gave us a good name in Brazil. When we started record the third album, many problems happened between the Panzer’s members and the band finished.This drive me crazy for many days, but the Metal will never stop in my life and I started search for musicians for a new band. That was a very difficult time for me, because one day you have one band with fans, CDs, concerts, travels, manager, interviews in magazines, radios shows, and in another day you haven’t nothing. But this history is past for me, I searched musicians for 3 months and I did find the right musicians, one by one, and we started the work composition for the EP.Today I work with great musicians that are great guys and friends too!!....this is very important in a band!

  “In Pieces EP” was released not a long time ago, if I am not mistaken. Are you satisfied with the acceptance of the people and of the press? I surely liked it, but is this the fact with fans and the rest of the metal press?

Edson:   Really, we recorded this album in a short time, because I’m working with experienced guys and we don’t have many problems in studio.About the acceptance, the people around world are enjoying it, we have some good reviews till here, in Brazil many people are putting positive messages in our guestbook, and this is great.We are part of a play list of a Metal Radio in USA too, this is a great step for a independent band without label, and our CD is only in our website!!.... In 15 days we had 700 downloads more or less, again a good mark for an independent band.

  : I named some of the bands that might have influenced you on my review (old SECRET REICH, some METAL CHURCH, basically the Bay-Area thrash scene). Are these really your influences in your music? What do you think you music sounds like? (I know you must hate these kinds of questions…sorry!!!!)

Edson:   Ehehe, I don’t hate these questions, because these bands are my roots in Metal, I love Exodus, Overkill, Anthrax, Testament....Is natural that our sound has influences of Bay Area’s sound, I listen to these bands since I was a kid,and I like it.

  Browsing the first time on your website I got the idea that this is a thrash metal band. Indeed, there are some really thrashy tunes on the EP, do you believe that this form of music can survive nowadays? I am asking that because thrash metal bands can be counted on the fingers of the one hand, sort of speaking.

Edson:   I understand you, and your opinion, but I believe in two kinds of music, the honest and good music and the bad music. If you work , make music with honesty and respecting your roots, no problem man.....the bands and the sound of the moment are bullshit.....the real Metalheads will respect one true band with true sound.

  What is the songwriting process for REVIOLENCE? Is it you that do all the tunes or all the members have a saying on what it is good and bring on ideas?

Edson:   All members brings ideas for the musics, is usual the first riff born in guitars, after I put my drum lines and after the basses ...the vocals, Leandro always make one good work in his home and bring finished for the studio.

  There is some strange veil covering my thoughts about “In Pieces”. I have read the lyrics and read them again and cannot decide if this is a small concept. I can clearly pin-point that maybe the songs have a common subject on what they talk about. It seems to me that it is a small story of a man that being under the influence of alcohol makes some thoughts of how this world treats to him and he treats the world (‘Zero Of Me’ & ‘In Pieces’) and how he lives in this world? (‘Constant Dream’)

Edson:   We make music for the people to put their own interpretation about the lyrics, is like a mirror of the personal experiences of any people. The lyrics have your own concepts but if any people see in different lyrics differents ways to see, we got our goal.

  Who is responsible for writing the lyrics? The use of the first person means that maybe the lyrics are personal experiences or are drawn from real facts? Or are they just imaginary stories and some thoughts?

Edson:   Me and Leandro write the lyrics, but this isn’t the law, everybody is free for make this into the band. I always write the lyrics about my personal experiences, this is very interestant because I can put out my ghosts and say about bad or good moments in my life. Otherwise, I guess most interesting is to read lyrics about real lifes.

  One other thing is the cover of the EP. Really strange and scary, but also very much inspired. My thoughts on it (since “In Pieces” is the title) is how one’s life can be. Meaning, the puzzles are the experiences we can gather from life or our tries for a better life, tries for which we are bleeding (so here comes the bleeding face also on the puzzle) everyday. Tries that are manipulated or influenced by outside factors (the white shadows on the side of the puzzle) make them human beings or circumstances. Well, all these tries ends up on a keyhole that opens the door of what? The end of the puzzle and the opening of this door is the achievement or is it the end, death to make it clearer. Really cool artwork, who did it?

Edson:   I like your impressions about the cover art, really this cover is very scary and strange, I did think about this too, imagine you into that room, with many strange women in front the doors, scary!!The art work was done by our vocalist Leandro Meize, he is a graphic artist too, and he made a good work.

  I have to tell you that my favorite track out of this EP, is ‘Constant Dream’. Not that the riffs and the power of ‘Zero Of Me’ and ‘In Pieces’ left me unsatisfied, but this specific song has nothing to do with thrash I believe. Not even when it gets a harder. Is it an opening you want to do on classic metal roads or is it an option of REVIOLENCE that we are going to see also in the future?

Edson:   See, when we made Constant Dream, we said that we need one balad to show the potential of Leandro’s voice. We have another kind of songs; we have very speedy and heavy songs too. We are trying to work without limitations, and I see this like a big way to run with one band.

  So, I read that your guitarist Sidney Becky has left the band. Was something wrong with him and the band or was just helping with the EP recording until you find a full time member, which is Wal (Animal )?

Edson:   No, Sidney was a Reviolence’s member, but this guy has many priorities in his personal life.When we finished the record sessions, he explained to us his situation and we understood.But he is a great friend and musician, really a true Thrasher and I wish the best for him.

  And you are working on a new album. Do you have a record deal or is it self-financed? I will be surprised if no record label has signed you guys yet. What should we expect from this debut album of REVIOLENCE? Will it sound like “In Pieces EP” or we will listen to something different? When do you think the album will be out? Any titles you can reveal to us?

Edson:   We are in negotiation with some labels here for release our first CD, but maybe we‘ll made part of another two projects too, one Tribute to Primal Fear, that‘ll be release by Nuclear Blast Brazilian office and one compilation for a Germanic label. Like I said in another question, the songs are very heavy and speedy too.About another titles I can say to you, one very heavy track called Limbolic Deep and one very fast Thrash song called Beyond the Silence.

  What about concerts and touring maybe? I know it is hard maybe for touring on the first stages of the band, however what are the plans of the band for this field? Any chance seeing you guys here in Europe as headliners or supporting a bigger name?

Edson:   We are working in studio in the last compositions for the CD, but our plans are some concerts in the next months, about Europeans concerts, well, every brazilian band wants this, but we need first the CD and after to find one manager for put the band on the road, is very complicated for us to organize one tour in Europe without one manager tour that give us the support for this.

  Brazil is a traditional country on heavy metal. SEPULTURA, VIPER, ANGRA some of the names I can recall. It has been a long time since I heard something nice from Brazil. Of course REVIOLENCE changed that. How are things on the metal scene on Brazil?

Edson:   Very cool man, today we had a great scene here, fucking great professional bands, of all styles of Metal, great magazines that give us support all time, some important radio shows, one Metal TV Show , and many many zines and webzines for all country. The audience in the concerts are really crazy, you can see wild circles opening between the guys, is very wild and insane.

  How did you come up with the name REVIOLENCE? Does it have some special meaning?

Edson:   When I started the band , I played with some musicians till the last line up, and in this time, one great friend called Marcello, was playing guitar in the band, the first guy that worked in Reviolence ‘s work. He gave me the idea about this name and I liked.This name is strong and easy for any people in anywhere of world understand.

  What does Edson is listening to these days on his CD-player?

Edson:   My CD player has only Thrash bands, I ‘m listening the new Overkill, for me the best album of 2003, and some “new things” like Exodus, Annihilator (Never Neverland), and Death (Gene Hoglan is unbelivable!!!)

  All right, I hope I didn’t tire you; I could go on forever writing questions for you. Thanks and congratulations for “In Pieces EP” once more. Anything you would like to add , please do it here. All the best of luck from the Bleeding Webcrew for the band and your personal lives.

Edson:   Ok, I wanna thanx all people around the world who gave support for us till here, we are in Brasil, but the Metal turn the distances, and the respect that you show for all our work is the best, check the Reviolence’s website and sign our guestbook, ok? Stay Metal...THRASH!!!


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