Interview mit David (bass) von The Black Dahlia Murder

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'Unhallowed' really kicked ass, as you might have read in my german review of the disc (see
Enough motivation to do a review with the band. Bass-Player David took some time to answer my questions...

  Hi there. First, let me tell you how much I liked 'Unhallowed'. That album really kicks some ass! Here are my questions: 'The black Dahlia Murder' was founded somewhen in 2001. So, you're a pretty 'young' and new band. Are the 'Murderers' so young, too? Who are they and why did they get together in this special constellation?

David:   Hahaha, yes we are. Trevor is the only member over the age of 20. As far as who we are, it breaks down like this.
Trevor - Vocals
John - Guitar
Brian - Guitar
David (Myself) - Bass
Cory - Drums
We do this band, basically out of the love for it. We've all been in bands for years and were just lucky enough to come together and meet eachother. Kind of a right place at the right time deal. The band has had it's fair share of lineup changes, though. I think that the current line-up is the strongest the band has ever been.

  I just know very few about the real 'Black Dahlia Murder'. Could you please tell us something about it and also why you chose that band name?

David:   Well, basically. Elizabeth Short was an aspiring actress and moved from a small town to Hollywood in search of fame. I'm blurry on the details at this point, but was ritually slaughtered and torn in two. How it became the band name? I have no idea. I had yet to become an immortal at this point.

  'Unhallowed' is your debut album. Not only because of that it really rocks. Who are your musical influences? What music do you listen to in your free time?

David:   At The Gates, Dissection, Suffocation...all the greats. In my spare time, i listen to a lot of different shit. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Neurosis and the new Cult of Luna disc.

  What is the lyrical concept behind the songs of 'Unhallowed' if there is any?

David:   Trevor just basically takes ideas for horror movies and writes really elaborate tales of how he thinks they should go. The only concept i can see, is death and murder.

  Who is responsible for the lyrics and where do the ideas come from?

David:   Trevor is the man with the pen. Where he gets his ideas, I really have no idea. but he does a fantastic job.

  After all, how do you feel about 'Unhallowed'. Are you satisfied or would you want to change anything?

David:   Oh I'm sure i can speak for everyone else when I say we'd change a lot. We're the kind of band that will never be satisfied with anything we do. It takes us so long to write a single song. But I think it's a good record considering we only had 2 weeks to do it.

  You have been touring most of May and June if I understood your website correctly. Could you give us a short summary of your impressions?

David:   There are some really cool people out there, but for every awesome kid we meet...we meet like 17 idiots. But as far as the shows go, we've had some great audiences.

  Can the european audience expect to see you on tour here somewhen also?

David:   I sure hope so. It all depends on how well our CD sells over there, really.

  Have you ever been to Europe before?

David:   No, but I'm really excited to go. I hope we make it over there in the next year or so.

  Whom would your personal all-star band consist of - no matter if dead or alive persons?

David:   Cliff Burton on bass, Glenn Danzig on vocals, Dave Culross on drums, John Christ on guitar and Kerry King on second guitar.

  Which band's concert did you attend last - as guest?

David:   Deicide and Behemoth. Fucking awesome show.

  Can you remember which was your first concert?

David:   Ah not really. I don't go to many, I'm usually working or sleeping.

  In your opinion, should musicians have opinions on topics like politics, enviromental protection etc. and express them - maybe even participate in the political process or even as active politics?

David:   Whatever floats your boat, man. I think people should do whatever they want as long as it's not hurting anyone else. I'm kind of a hippie in that aspect, haha.

  Is there anything else you'd like to tell your readers?

David:   Yager is god.

  I thank you for your time and for this interview. My best wishes and all the best for the future. I hope to see you guys on tour here in Germany soon!


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