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Interview mit Billy Queen von Jacobs Dream

Ein Interview von Odin vom 05.09.2001 (7191 mal gelesen)
E-Mail Interview aus dem September 2001.

Nat:   You just finished recording your second album "Theater of War" and I think there are not few metalheads out there looking forward to its release! What are you currently up to?

Jacobs Dream:   Right now we're booking as many local gigs as we can. Basically they are warm-up gigs for when and if we do another tour this summer for Metal Blade. We're hoping we do, so we want to have our new live show looking good before we hit the road.

Nat:   Could you give us a glimpse behind the curtain? How do you usually compose your songs? Are all of you involved in the formation of a song from the root on or does someone come forward with a text or a tune and you do the final arrangement together?

Jacobs Dream:   Usually, someone has an idea for a song and everyone contributes their ideas and parts. The songs just develop naturally through the course of time with everyone's input. We always try to expolre all ideas and see what we like.

Nat:   Does David [Taylor, Jacob's Voice] (or someone else) bring in all the lyrics or do you work up different ideas and influences?

Jacobs Dream:   Usually, David is the main lyricist. He's always got great ideas running through his head and none of us can compare to the passion he feels about certain isues. All of us, though, are more than welcome to contribute to any song in any way, musically or lyrically.

Nat:   Is there a main topic for the lyrics on your albums? What do the lyrics on "Theater of War" deal with?

Jacobs Dream:   In a word, conflict is the main theme of this CD. Whether it's inner conflict, physical battles, spiritual conflict, the Theater of War can exist in any aspect of anyone's life.

Nat:   I would like to investigate some details about your recording techniques; do you use a trigger system or are the drums recorded with microphones?

Jacobs Dream:   We mike all the drums independantly. Triggers aren't usually dependable enough in a studio setup. We do scratch tracks of the rhythm guitar and vocal tracks, then start laying down the drum tracks to them.

Nat:   You do not use amps on stage but go direct in - what advantages or possibilities does this technique provide?

Jacobs Dream:   Well, that is probably going to be changing. Going direct isn't working very well for us. We've had a tremendous amount of trouble being able to hear on stage through the monitor systems. With amps, we can at least hear those stage sounds if nothing else.

Nat:   What about the synths? There were no keyboards to be seen at your live appearances!

Jacobs Dream:   John Berry has a very unique system. He plays a guitar synth. He has what's called a "Pitch Rider" on his guitar. He can trigger any synth sounds with any note played on his guitar. We've never used a keyboard player, contrary to some of the things I've seen written about us.

Nat:   Let's look forward now: You are confirmed for several club gigs and a metal festival in the states, but there is not so much as a single word about a full tour yet. An unofficial rumor says the earliest possibility to see you in Europe again could be autumn this year...?

Jacobs Dream:   Logically, Metal Blade won't do anything about getting us on tour until the CD is released. That wouldn't be good business. When it is, we do anticipate playing more this year than we did last year. That's why we're booking these local shows. We want to work on our live show and make sure it's ready to kick and kick hard!

Nat:   What are your personal plans for the future?

Jacobs Dream:   To play as much as possible, anywhere, anytime for anyone. After that, we'd like to play some more, then start recording our next CD...then play some more shows. LOL!!

Nat:   That sounds great, I'm looking forward to seeing you on the road again very much!

In an Interview with Lanman from Metalvault Online you talk about making music your main income. Do you think Metal will be that popular in the close future? Are you going "mainstream"??

Jacobs Dream:   Mainstream?? NO!!!!! We're not going to change, EVER!! We will probably grow and mature as musicians and song writers, but we'll always be the Jacobs Dream we enjoy being right now. Going full time in music is what we want to do, and we do think it's possible.

Nat:   Thanks for your patience. Is there anything you would like to add?

Jacobs Dream:   We'd like to add that we love every one of our fans and friends, we appreciate the amazing support, and we hope to always please you with our efforts. The words, "Thank you" don't even begin to express the appreciation we feel for all of you. Email Metal Blade and let them know you want to see us play live!!!!!!

Nat:   Thanks a lot for the interview,
  - Nat


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