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THUNDERSTORM are just going to release there fourth Album "As we die alone".
A good reason to write an E-Mail, including some questions, to the band. Few days later Omar answered and these are the answers

Hey guys. Listening to your new Output “As we die alone” I heart a strong and powerful Doom Metal Album with some very slow songs but some rockers, too. At first I’d like you to give a short comment on any song.

Omar: 'Hawking radiation': powerful mid-tempo with a breaking melancholic central part; the lyric talk about the comparing the “edge” between space and black hole with sanity and insanity mental state; 'death rides on the highway' it’s the fastest song of the album ( as we could call it “fast”), rocking dominating riff brings you whole along the song. Headbanging is due, cause she’s seated back to you!; 'We die as we dream (alone)' is a dark ballad with a very dynamic rhythm section, I think it’s the best song we’ve ever composed. The gothic guitars are broke by a heavy riff and slip on the next one: 'I wait' a doomy “mantra”, where the “mood” will bring you on a upper universe. 'Hypnowheel of life' is a Thunderstorm’s song, with is gloomy incipit and epic vocal part, “cut” as Sabbath did. 'L' is a little psychedelic trip, listen to it with headphones on! 'S.L.O.W' or 'Smell Like Oniric World'. It simply speaks by itself. Pure old classic doom with a touch of dark melody on the chorus. 2 minutes of space guitar solo are the conclusion of it. 'Preacher dreams' is a sick prelude to the 'Mad Monk', heavy as hell. On the central part you could fell the Siberian storms run trough your frozen veins. The end is just the beginning… and Mr. Hendrix end this CD up. A classic of 70’s rock with hammering guitars! Try it to trust!

As on your last Album “Faithless Soul” you chose again to put a coversong on the Longplayer. Why did you take a Jimi Hendrix Song although his music doesn’t match to your sound.

Omar:With this album we tried to find a personal “cut” of Doom metal, starting right from the roots Seventies rock icons. Mr. Hendrix is everywhere the “rock” goes. We’ve got a lot of “rock” influences. I can’t remember precisely when we’ve chosen it. I’m keeping in mind when Fabio played the “Voodoo” riff in our practice room and how we found a great groove at first! There is a strange magnetism between Thunderstorm and those ages. I don’t completely agree with you, there’s a big part of our influences comes from those years. Pentagram, for example, is the expression of everlasting rock. Especially with this a album, I can hear more Sabbath influence than the three previous ones.

In the beginning you had some problems getting gigs in Italy. That changed. How is it in others European countries?

Omar: Well, the real problem is that we haven’t a booking agency that promotes us. This is so important, cause it’s not easy to organize a real tour by your own. Playing with no promotion means none knows you perform! We are not a studio band, we love to play “on stage”, but if none contacts us and we don’t know if there should be the possibility to play, there should be only mess! Well, I know it’s a vicious circle, but I guess with this new one CD something will change.

Everybody has idols. Which is the band that gave the main influence to the music THUNDERSTORM does now? And what where the influences on your demos?

Omar: Obviously, everything comes from the band of Birmingham! Fabio is a lover of the 80’s heavy metal classic, I like the metal among the seventies and the eighties. Attilio (the drummer) loves the nineties. I thing we’re the expression of 30 years of music. Yeah! Everyone of us loves some particular bands, Judas, Trouble and Metal Church, are some of them, we have in common. The first Demos were more NWOBHM oriented. There are nothing in common between “old” Thunderstorm and the “new” one, only the name has survived (and of course Fabio!:-) ).

What would you say is the most important thing a Metalband should have an eye on?

Omar:The important thing, when you play music, is that you must trust on your music. Do not follow trends, but you are the true trend. The friendship of the band is really important. This is one of the reason why we are a trio. If you have got an idea, keep it and develop it with the help of the others. Do not impose anything. Find your own way to play, a way that makes you proud of what you play. Being confidence with YOUR music.

Thank you so far. The famous last words?

Omar: Thank you for the time, readers! If you are a VooDoom chile, play “As we die”….alone! And check out our new website website and write down your message about the CD! Slowly yours Omar.


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